Sheds, deadheads, and bears. What gets you outdoors? - March Blog

Written by Erik Labrie

The time we have all been impatiently awaiting is finally here. Black Bear seasons are beginning to open across Alberta and Saskatchewan and every outdoor boy and outdoor girl are out any chance they get to check cameras, dust off the old trusted gear, and unbox and test out the newest additions to their loadout. The early spring we have been blessed with this year has washed away a magnitude of snow in no time whatsoever and gotten the bears stirring early. The Non-Typical Team have been lucky to start putting some miles on the boots sooner than usual this year. Viciously searching for shed antlers around every tree, up every hill and down every draw counting down the last few days before those bear seasons open up in our local areas.

To some, especially people who are unfamiliar with the outdoor and hunting industry, and even notably to some that are considered outdoorsman, may find the act of Shed Hunting confusing. In this day in time it seems to have grown in popularity through the display on social media and the antler buying industry. Antlers have always been sought after in the wild and for purchase for the means of decoration, ceremony and tradition, as well as medicinal purposes, but lately things like the boom for antler dog treats has seemingly motivated everyone and their dog to pick up the act of Shed Hunting. I have no judgement as to the purpose or motivations for anyone’s reason to be enjoying the outdoors as long as it is within the law and respect of the land and its animals.

I am just hoping to shed some light on why so many of us find ourselves wondering around with the intention of having our eyes glued to the ground most of the early spring every single year. Whether you’re an artist that builds or creates with antler or you collect antlers and shed hunt for the purpose of selling them, or you hang them on a wall or pile them somewhere in your yard as a reminder of the memories made finding each one. We all share one common love for the Spring and all the amazing new life that each year brings. Perhaps you’re like me and Shed hunting is just an excuse you tell yourself and your friends, while you witness spring first-hand where it happens the most beautifully; the great outdoors!

Whatever the reason is that gets you out there, and whatever name you give it. Keep on living the Non-Typical Life!

* Erik Labrie

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