Back in Action!!!

Bow season is well underway in most zones across Alberta and Saskatchewan, and the boys are hard at it. Summer has come and gone, and so has the time for pre-season scouting, camera checking, and sighting in the old stick and string.

With black bear, whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, and moose all open across Alberta; Charlie and Brody have already spent time in their stands and witnessed a ton of action so far in the heat of the late summer. With favorited bucks and bulls coming by the cameras and stands regularly, the excitement and anticipation can only grow. The leaves have began to change and the Elk rut is rumored to be off to an exciting start as Erik is planning to spend some time in search of a worthy archery bull.

The majority of the team's early season action has taken place in Saskatchewan where Tommy has been chasing a group of big mature Mule Deer. He has put in hours stalking and crawling to achieve shooting range, only to be eluded by the chosen target buck.

As the fall creeps closer and the season begins to pickup momentum, the boys will continue to spend whatever free time they can sacrifice to getting out into their favorite spots after their favorite animals.

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