Luck Has Nearly Eluded Us...

Kale Wright with his beautifully furred mature boar, 2017 Spring Alberta Black Bear.

With the end of spring bear season in Alberta fast approaching, less than one week to go. The Non-Typical team came up short early last week during our spot and stalk hunt. In three days, the boys covered over 350 km by quad in search of Tommy’s first bear. With high hopes and great energy established by the surrounding success of other hunters in the area we set out bright and early Monday morning. Not only did the bears elude us but so did any shred of luck. Two flat tires, three sets of brakes and 33+ degree weather made for an even more frustrating hunt. Over the course of 3 long hot days we saw one giant sow accompanied by 3 yearling Cubs, one small boar, and a decent color phase brown that barely escaped Tommy’s crosshairs. The last evening, in a last-ditch effort while Tommy and Brody were heading home, Erik returned to a favorite long-time hunting area in hopes of helping a good friend, Kale Wright, fill his spring tag. Only minutes of shooting light was left when a massive boar stepped out in front of the two. A seemingly long wait ensued as they anticipated a broadside turn, but a quick shot at 160 yards planted the boar right in his tracks.

The countdown is on with only 3 days of season left for Brody and Erik to fill their freezers with some of the best wild meat around, Alberta Black Bear!

"Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success."

-Napoleon Hill

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