The Beginning of a Legacy...

Any experienced hunter knows the feeling of disbelief when the hard sought after beast finally steps out of the thick. You blink twice, rub your eyes back into reality, and breath deep to make room in your chest and stop the pounding heart from busting through. All the hard work, all the miles on the boots, the scratches and cuts we as wild men wear like trophies. It all comes down to that moment. That moment when you're paused at full draw or feeling for the safety with your trembling finger... click! BOOM!


Welcome to the Nation of Non-Typical, a home base for any man or woman who lives for the moment described above. We operate through a small team of highly dedicated and experienced outdoorsmen from a variety of backgrounds and hunting styles. Together we provide the world with everything outdoors. Wonder the website to find content such as; News, Recipes, Video Updates, Episodes (coming August 2017), and fan submitted Bragging Rights/Hunting Tales.

Although we are lucky enough to have such a committed team, we can not build a Nation alone. We need your help as fellow outdoorsmen, hunters, and even the mere dreamers. We welcome all to send us articles, stories, and most of all feedback. With our commitment and yours we will build the Legacy sought after by many!

Welcome to the Non-Typical Nation!!!

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