Non-Typical Nation is a Western Canadian based outdoor show that broadcasts globally on multiple platforms. Founded in early 2017, NTN has built its brand around like minded outdoors men and women, and is already one of the fastest growing outdoor networks. We strive to showcase the preparation of each and every hunt, the traveling, the meals, the equipment, the highs & lows and most importantly the hunt! We believe in creating new content regularly and consistently; keeping our audience involved in everything we do and the products we support. Interacting and sharing each & every moment with our audience is crucial. If we could take the whole world hunting, we would!




Brody Teale

Alberta, Canada

Hunting and the outdoors play a huge role in my life. At a young age I new the concrete jungle was no place for me, every chance i had i would be in the sticks with either a slingshot, fishing rod, or pellet gun in hand!

I have a loving wife and child who are both ALMOST as crazy about hunting as i am! Day to day i run a taxidermy studio in Northern Alberta, my evenings and days off are spent exploring new grounds and experiencing special moments with family and the critters we encounter in the outdoors.

The last 12 months Ive done most of my hunting in Alberta. Harvesting a Mule Deer Buck, White Tail Buck and Doe, Bull Elk, Eastern Turkey,a few Coyotes and most recently a Pope and Young Black Bear, its been a heck of a ride and i expect this fall to be just as good!



Cody Doerkson

Saskatchewan, Canada

I was born into hunting. From the time I could walk on my own my father took me along hunting. It’s in my blood and it’s made me who I am today.

Growing up in North East Saskatchewan it has provided me with ample hunting opportunities. I learned to hunt whitetail and moose from my father. As I got older and more self sufficient I taught myself to shoot a bow, hunt elk and bear.

I still enjoy picking up a rifle however archery has become my passion.


Erik Labrie

Alberta, Canada

Starting as a newborn baby stashed under the dash of our family fishing boat to keep out of the sun. Living and loving the outdoors is the only life I know. Hunting whitetail and Canadian moose in northern Alberta easily became my favorite passed time and quickly formed into a passion and full fledged addiction.

Throughout high school my outdoor knowledge and will to go beyond northern Alberta grew. I decided guiding and outfitting was where I wanted to be headed. I managed to finish grade 12 early in order to accompany a Dahl sheep outfit in the Yukon for one month. If there was stronger word than addiction this would the time to use it. A long month it was but I soon realized when I arrived home that I felt an indescribable appreciation for what I had accomplished. Once back in Alberta i found myself an opportunity to guide moose and mule deer in an area I would continue to work in to this day. I have since returned to Yukon one more time to help a different Dahl sheep operation.

I would have to say the hardest thing in life for me these days is finding the time to pull the trigger myself.


Jordan Phillips

Saskatchewan, Canada

My name is Jordan Phillip's I'm a born and raised Saskatchewan farm boy. Ironically no one in my family hunted when I first got into it. My dad hadn't picked up his gun in 13 years, I learned later on that my grandpa was absolutely hunting nuts. The more I grew to love hunting the more I became like grandpa.

As the years went on in my hunting career my passion became bow hunting and specifically chasing mule deer with my bow. To me there is another better than the rush of trying to get within spitting distance of mature deer. This year I got drawn for elk and am so stoked to hunt these animals will be one of the hardest and most fulfilling hunt of my life for sure.

Being outdoors in nature with the right people seems to just take all the stress away and there's nothing better. Hunting has become my passion and I can only imagine the amazing memories and stories to be made with family and friends outdoors.


Paul Martens

Saskatchewan, Canada

I grew up hunting and chasing everything that moved with my pellet gun in the hills of Southern Saskatchewan. That passion for the outdoors, for hunting and for watching wildlife has only grown.

I’ve been fortunate to live in the prairies and take advantage of the vast hunting opportunities offered most of my life along with a hunt in Africa.

I enjoy hunting with every weapon from bow, muzzle loader to various rifles and am not afraid to try every tactic out there from rattling in big whitetails, spot and stalk mule deer to sitting patiently in a tree or blind waiting for the opportunity of a lifetime-I just love the adventure of being out in the wild.

I’m married with three young kids who I hope to see carry on the passion one day.


Tanner Hudson

Saskatchewan, Canada

I grew up in small town northern Saskatchewan, in the heart of monster whitetail country. I was introduced to hunting by my father as a child and very quickly his passion became mine as well.

After harvesting my first few bucks, the game changed as I started to crave the chase of bigger mature bucks. It wasn't long before I picked up archery and black powder hunting to increase my opportunities.

Although majority of my seasons are spent chasing giant whitetails my trophy room consists of some great archery mule deer, moose, red stag, and elk!




Tommy LAzurko

Saskatchewan, Canada

I began hunting with my dad when I was 4 and have been hooked ever since.

After being successful hunting most of Saskatchewan big game with a rifle i developed an interest in archery. From there I began putting countless hours in scouting year round and naturally I began taking pictures and video. Last spring I started working as a guide and quickly came to appreciate how exciting it was just to be apart of a hunt even if it wasn't you pulling the trigger. Because of that I took interest in not only sharing my hunts with others but also filming family and friends hunting to not only keep memories but also to share our experiences with others.

Theres nothing more enjoyable then bejng able to meet new people and experience new things outdoors.